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TouchPoint Strategies is an innovative public engagement, public-private partnership finance and public affairs firm with a proven track-record across Texas. Our Public Engagement/Public Affairs practice combines decades of experience and long-standing relationships in government and politics with deep local communications understanding to facilitate our clients’ needs. 

We understand the balance of politics, policy and finance because we live there. Whether you’re looking to build new relationships, community consensus or an amazing  new project, our 20+ years of experience are at your fingertips. Give us an hour and we’ll give you a path forward. 

Our Services

TouchPoint Strategies is a leading provider of public engagement,

public-private partnership finance and project management. 

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    Connecting on Common Ground

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  • Public-Private Partnerships

    Great Partners Make Great Projects

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  • Public Affairs

    Building Valued Relationships

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Our Team

founder & president

Damon Williams

senior account supervisor

Johannah Thompkins

Senior Project Manager

Christina Cornelius

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